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What is a desktop application?

A desktop application is a program used by you or your business that has a easy to use interface accessed from your computer and often is linked to a database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Word is a desktop application example.

We build custom programs for your business or personal requirements. You may want a program that is a reporting tool, a program that is an employee directory management system, or a program that Human Resource Management (HRM) tool.

Desktop applications all have a number of common features:

  • An elegant user interface, often similar to other familiar office applications
  • Are scalable - they can be added to or expanded seamlessly
  • They can interface with other software components and utilise their functionality, for example reporting, exporting to spreadsheets and emailing

How we build your desktop application...

Usually, our desktop applications are usually built using familiar Microsoft Windows interfaces.

Often, we can ensure these desktop applications function on portable devices such as PDAs and other handheld devices.

As we utilise Microsoft Windows interfaces, the usability is tried and tested, and can be easily plugged into custom applications helping to keep your costs down.

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