10 Tips To Get The Website You Want

Are you thinking of getting your website built?

Here are our top 10 guidelines to help you ask the right questions.

1. Make sure absolutely everything is detailed in the proposal you receive, with no hidden costs, and you understand the Terms and Conditions of the company you choose.

2. Your proposal should contain information about post delivery of your project, such as support, bug fixing, extra development and the charges involved.

3. Ensure you have a phased delivery of your project, so you can work and feedback on the site whilst it is still in development.

4. Confirm that you will be the owner of the code and the end product – not the development company. You are paying for it after all.

5. Always ask for a previous client list, and if possible any referrals that they can provide to confirm that previous client’s projects were delivered according to specifications and time.

6. Ask about the code that will be used to build your web pages. XHTML and CSS should be used where possible to produce search engine optimised pages that validate according to industry standards, and produce fast loading pages.

7. For public facing websites, remember that you want your website to look the same on every Internet browser on the PC or MAC (this is full cross-browser compatibility).

8. Your site should be accessible, as this is now a legal requirement. This means literally that the site is accessible to all. Your site should include at least basic tools to enable this.

9. If using a database, make sure you understand what database platform you require, and the implications of using certain databases for particular reasons. Many databases have costly user licenses, which may be fine for Intranets, but for external facing sites this can be expensive.

10. Remember that if using a server-side technology to display database data on your web page, MySQL database is free.

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Jeff Smith is the managing director of Karma Technologies, a company that specialises in building quality websites, ecommerce sites, desktop applications and company Intranets. Jeff feels strongly about implementing ways to be green into their business practices, to a point they are almost a paper-free company. At Karma they feel strongly about green issues.

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