Creating a Brochure Website

Many websites act as online brochures. All kinds of information regarding the company, its businesses, product range, contact details, and so on are displayed. However, an actual design may differ a little from conventional websites, in that it can comprise anything from a single page listing a few products on the page, to a comprehensive product catalogue with a complete range of products with the images and specifications of the products.

The functions of a Brochure websites is to be more of an advertising website than being an informative one, though they do provide vital information about the services and products. These websites need to be very presentable thus aesthetic appearance is of prime importance for these websites. They have to be really very eye catching and easy to use so that it prompts the user to go through the further details on the page. Also, since brochure websites particularly may highlight a product, they may involve heavy images and multimedia. It is important that all these graphics are adequately optimized so that the website loads faster and the pages are displayed easily. A brochure website should ideally include the following features:

  • Complete information about the products/services being advertised.
  • Proper theme and layout that perfectly depicts the nature of services offered and products highlighted. A brochure website should also contain some text which has a bit of a marketing flavour to sell the products more effectively, which will add a personal touch and also compels the visitor to be converted into a customer.
  • Contact details which could include phone numbers, office address, and email addresses.
  • A downloading facility of the advertisement pages so that the customer can download it, take a print out, and refer to it when required. A brochure website can have a PDF, Word, or other easily downloadable format.
  • Additional features like a product gallery, blogs, and shopping carts can also be included. This would help the customer read through the reviews and make buying decisions. If interested, the customer can also consider buying the product directly from the website.

A brochure website needs to be designed with strong concepts and visualization. There are many template based applications also available which can be used to create brochure websites Almost every industry uses brochure websites today that falls under B2B and B2C segments.

Jeff Smith is the managing director of Karma Technologies and feels strongly about implementing ways to be green into their business practices, to a point they are almost a paper-free company.

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