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Carbon offsetting is something that happens when individuals and businesses try to reduce their net carbon emissions indirectly, through an alternative means.

There are many varied options available; tree planting is the most common.

The intention of carbon offsetting is to combat global warming.

Trees take in carbon through photosynthesis, and convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and plant matter.

And so, in turn, will reduce atmospheric CO2 levels.

Carbon is released if a tree or its lumber burns, but as long as the forest is able to grow back, the result is carbon neutral.

For many years now however, there’s an increasing debate that planting a tree outside of the tropics to alleviate climate change is a waste of time. For example, that planting new trees and forests may initially release some of the land’s existing carbon stores into the atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the facts about the positive effects of tree planting remain intact and are still out there in abundance, therefore influencing people to continue planting trees across our countryside.

Here are some facts on the positive effects of tree planting:


Are crucial to life on Earth Generate oxygen and store carbon Keep some of their local wildlife from being homeless and on the streets Provide raw materials and shelter Some thoughts to ponder:

The United Kingdom is currently one of the least wooded countries in Europe Less than 12% of the UK is woodland compared with the European Union average of 36% coverage Ancient woodland, which constitutes more than a few hundred years old, covers only 2% of the United Kingdom This ancient woodland is one of our richest source of wildlife habitat Whatever the general consensus of opinion, Karma Technologies’ belief is that trees and woodland is too precious to watch dwindle away.

We need to protect our trees, woodland and forests and in doing so, help sustain our wildlife, flora and fauna. It all has a knock on effect, and we all should care a great deal.

Without trees, life would be dull. No falling of leaves in the autumn and no buds in spring. What a terrible place it would be!

If not for these reasons alone, then trees should be regenerated so that future generations can enjoy and revel in their beauty and strength.

Make sure that our trees are safe and then everyone can make their own mind up as to whether they are as important as some may say…

To read more green articles, and to see how to help the environment by making small changes to your business visit Karma Technologies Green Room

Jeff Smith is the managing director of Karma Technologies and feels strongly about implementing ways to be green into their business practices, to a point they are almost a paper-free company.

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