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It has become a trend to use intranet application and software in organizations of all sizes. serve as an internal website or a portal for the employees and people associated with the organization. An intranet applications or an intranet software as it may be called sometimes, basically is deployed and access through local area network.

Before looking at intranet application, let us first try to understand what basically an intranet is. A private network of computers that is used to share information or resources primarily constitutes an intranet. Applications use internet protocols (TCP/IP) and network connection to operate. I A and other required intranet software are installed on the central computer which acts as an intranet web server. The intranet application can then be accessed from other individual computers in the network, which act as clients.

Developing intranet software needs some important considerations:

  • The scope of intranet application and the number of users accessing it
  • Hardware and software that will support the intranet software depending on the scope and users
  • Setting up web servers, client machines and installing applications/software on each individual computer as required.
  • Designing the intranet applications modules and pages as required.
  • Deciding on the access rights of the users and testing the I A as required.

Intranet applications are used in many ways across organizations and have proved to be beneficial tool:

  • Employees involve in forum and online discussions, there by increasing interaction and sharing of knowledge
  • I A help in managing and publishing of processes documents and other documentation across all relevant employees and hence effectively facilitate better knowledge management
  • Since common information like policies and notifications about the organization are shared across all the employees through a common platform, intranet software helps in promoting corporate culture
  • Intranet software is also widely used to exchange various tools and Application like CRM tools, project management utilities, sales data, and so on
  • Intranet application also allows the organizations to have other relevant information like industry news, media news, press releases, and other events

Intranet software needs to be designed not only from a functional point of view but also from usability and aesthetics aspect. Also other important aspect about Intranet Application is about security. Since much of confidential data would exist on the intranet, it is important that no unauthorized user accesses within or outside the organization. Intranet software also needs to be constantly monitored for any downtimes and rectified immediately on basis of usability. There may be good amount of advantages and threats for any I A.However, it certainly serves as an important tool for many organizations and will be continued to be used in the future.

Jeff Smith is the managing director of Karma Technologies and feels strongly about implementing ways to be green into their business practices, to a point they are almost a paper-free company.

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