.NET Application Development

.NET application development has simplified development and customisation of various enterprise level applications. Usually referred to as.NET framework, this product comes as a part of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System. The.NET framework comes bundled with a lot of advantages, which makes it widely used tool for.NET application development.

.NET was rolled out in around 2002 and since then number of versions were developed each time added with several features and capabilities. Currently.NET version 3.5 is being used. Further development is still being continued and is believed to have advanced support facilities for Parallel Programs, Distributed Systems, LINQ Engine Parallel Implementation, and Task Parallel Library..NET ADinvolves using chunks of functionalities from the pre-coded libraries. The.NET framework is a set of huge library that encompass various programming needs like user interface design, web development, data access, database connections, networking among many other algorithms. Thus the advent of.NET programming has simplified and made.NET application development very extensive. Let’s look at some important features of.NET framework:

  • Easy deployment -.NET framework facilitates easy installation of the.NET application taking care that no performance issues arise due to any of the earlier installed software and that it fits in with the new requirements without any much hindrances.
  • No language dependency -.NET language is supported by each other’s instances, as.NET framework is built on a Common Type System.
  • Enhanced Security – N E T applications has a common security prototype for all the applications and effectively handles exposure to destructive software tools or utilities.
  • Portability -.N E T applications development became popular as it made using the same application on different platforms easy. Thus it can be easily implemented with third party tools running on different platforms.
  • Interoperability -.NETapplications development work together with older versions of the.NET application development programme the feature of developing and executing programs out of.NET structure.
  • Base Class Library & Common Runtime Engine – these are the two most important aspects in.NET application development. The engine favors runtime interpretation and compilation. The library consists of classes that collectively bring together many common functions required in.NET application development.

Though it may seem the .NET application development got simplified with the easy to use features of the.NET framework, there are some drawbacks that one must considered. The shortcomings will help in understanding the scalability of the.NET framework. A significant drawback is the over utilization of system resources. Also the lapse time in.NET applications is slightly greater than in the applications developed in other environments because of the garbage collection, which result in temporary suspension of memory. Other drawback is that.NET framework is not pre-installed in earlier versions of Windows, thus a fresh requirement may be required in some cases.

Jeff Smith is the managing director of Karma Technologies and feels strongly about implementing ways to be green into their business practices, to a point they are almost a paper-free company.

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