Podcasting – The New Age Digital Broadcasting

Podcasting software are among the recent tools that techies are using in the area of digital publishing. The idea of broadcasting information using the online medium had started long back. With several innovations added to various digital publishing mechanisms, podcasting has become a buzzword lately. Podcasting is a rather simple technique and can be easily accomplished using simple to use podcasting softwares. A striking feature of podcast and is that, as soon as new content is added, it is automatically downloadable or associated with the subscribed services. The users (subscribers) can thus get ready updates on the services they have subscribed to.

Before going into the details of podcasting software and their uses, let us first quickly understand what podcasting is. A group of media files are published on an online medium, Internet using RSS feeds. These files can then be viewed or listened to on a computer or other media players. Thus, the whole process of being able to publish media files on computers and portable devices is called podcasting or also is simply referred to as podcast. The term, podcast was actually coined from combination of ‘POD’ (Portable on Demand) and ‘cast’ taken from broadcast.

Having technically understood what podcasting let us now look at some podcasting software and tools that will help you get your media content published. There are many basic podcasting softwares that will help you get started. One can also find advanced P S for refining and optimizing the media content for enhanced broadcast quality. It is desirable to have at least basic knowledge of computers and Internet to be able to use these podcasting tools.

  • To begin with, one needs audio or video recording software. This would also help in editing the media so that desired output is obtained. Audacity and RecordForAll are examples of such softwares.
  • The next step would be to optimize the file so that it can be uploaded and published over the net. MP3 is the most preferred format for this purpose. Encoders can be used for this purpose, which form an important utility in podcasting softwares. LAME and iTunes can be used for conversion purposes.
  • Using certain media players is recommended so that the final publishable media can be checked for its quality and performance before it is uploaded on the Internet. Any media player like Windows Media Player, WinAmp, and so on should be sufficient to test the media file.
  • Finally, when the above steps are completed, one would need uploading software (FTP) to transfer the podcast from local computer to remote server location. Many FTP softwares (CuteFTP, SmartFTP, Ws-FTP) can be downloaded from the Internet and used.

Generally a combination of the above tools forms a complete podcasting software suite. However, there are all-in-one podcasting software that quickly allow broadcasting of the media content. AudioBlogger, and FeedForAll are two such examples of podcasting softwares.

Jeff Smith is the managing director of Karma Technologies and feels strongly about implementing ways to be green into their business practices, to a point they are almost a paper-free company.

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