Understanding Google’s Website Optimizer

A Website optimizer is basically a tool or utility that helps a great deal when designing a website and using it as an online advertising tool. Such optimizers make it possible for websites to load faster, have user friendly layout with appropriate content and multimedia distribution, enhance user satisfaction, and eventually increase conversion rate on the website.

They are used to test different web pages of a website for their layout and performance, and then decide on the final pages to be used for the website. You can play around with various combinations of web page layout and select the most suited one. This will help you create a website that will appeal your visitors so that it generates required business. You can analyze and restructure your website so that it attracts visitors, makes them navigate the website, retains visitor, and prompts the visitors for some action like filling up a form or download something, and so on. You can also test various combinations of web page layouts, keep track of the results in terms of which combination generated most traffic, and report the analysis that helps effective decision making.

A website optimizer essentially tests your website for inefficiencies. For example Google uses A/B and Multivariable testing which check all the elements embedded within the HTML code that include images, content, fonts, call to action buttons, forms, and so on. You can select the type of testing to be done depending on the traffic and the number of times the layout will be changed. For e.g. A/B testing is used when the traffic to your website is less than 1000 visitors. You can go for other type of testing if the traffic is more. You can test more than one thing at a time like testing 10 titles, 12 images, 5 promotional areas simultaneously.

Apart from having improved sales and conversion rates, a website optimizer proves to be beneficial while designing the landing pages, and automatically suggest changes and organize a compelling landing page. You can also lower cost per acquisition, and get more leads to your website. It will eliminate the need of experts to design a strategic website and will instead help you gather information about customer’s behavior. You will thus be able to design a website that your customers are most comfortable using and navigating.

Jeff Smith is the managing director of Karma Technologies and feels strongly about implementing ways to be green into their business practices, to a point they are almost a paper-free company.

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