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Find out what you are doing well, and what can be improved. Changing a few small things can yeild huge results in how people perceive you. In a few minutes of your time, you can improve visitors to your website, and turn those visitors to customers.

You have your own idea of how your website should be, but is it right for your target audience?

Being successful online means:

  1. Your website is well built, looks good, is clean, simple and usable
  2. You bring traffic to your website
  3. You convert your website visitors into customers

Your checklist: 5 Essential points to convert visitors into customers:

Is it better to have 1000 website visits and 20 contact/phone you, or 100 visits and 50 contact/phone you?

Turning website visits into customers is called goal conversions.

  1. Ensure each page has a heading, and the heading is descriptive, catchy and would make you want to read it if you arrived at this page
  2. Summarise your page with a brief paragraph in bold (like a newspaper) so the user can decide if they want to read the page content. People are surfing and do not have much time - so tell them the important messages in a brief sentence or two and do not force them to have to hunt for the important bits
  3. Use bullet points wherever you can - again keeping them short and punchy
  4. Lead the visitor to contact you. What is your call to action? To fill in your contact form, or buy a product? Each page should be leading them there to contact you
  5. People will not give you money the first time they arrive at your website or take out your services. They first have to believe you, trust you and you need to form a relationship with them. Then after a few points of contact they are more likely to take out your services

There are a number of other key points about your content that you should follow. We can send you our document checklist of good website content. It will change the number of people who contact you increasing your business

We will go through your website with you on the phone, and then summarise the important areas you need to focus on by sending you through our recommendations. We're not asking for money, there is no obligation - just some free, friendly advice.

You may also need guaranteed traffic

Building good quality, targetted traffic to your website usually takes a few months. It's important to use all tools available - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging functionality, classified postings, press releases, Google maps, Google business listings to mention just a few. Find out more about our guaranteed program to bring more traffic to your website


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Market to targetted customer lists

A targetted customer list for you to contact really is gold dust - your bread and butter. We can provide legitimate lists of your target audience as a spreadsheet or database with our Data entry services.

Website Hosting

Reliable, competitive website hosting packages with all year round customer service

Karma Green Room

We have very strong principles on being Green. We are a 'paperless' company, we continue work with The Woodland Trust to plant a tree for every website and SEO package we sell. We continue to recycle and use recycled materials where we can. And we continue to publish green articles on our website promoting environmental awareness. Read more about our green ways by visiting our blog below.

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"I heard a presentation by Karma Technologies at a networking event and was thoroughly impressed with the product from that moment. After contacting 3 different web development firms to design and implement our newest website, Karma Technologies surpassed them on value for money, technical knowledge, and the resources to provide an exceptional level of customer service. Every question was answered quickly, and the team went above and beyond what we asked of them and even provided extra valuable business tips. I love the fact I can call on a warm and friendly Project Manager for technical support who is always available, and delivers promptly and consistently. Thank you, I'm really pleased."

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