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What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Management?

PPC elaborately stands for Pay Per Click. A digital advertising method which charges per click. PPC works in following manner - you get a sponsorship listing with google adwords, you select a geographic target and set of keywords. After that your ad appears on right hand side of google in sponsored results whenever a person searches for a particular term related to your product and services. You only pay for visitors clicking in not for impressions.

The good thing is you are free to advertise in any region around the globe with any product and services you offer. Your ads will quickly start showing in searches as well as top ad publishing websites i.e.,,,, national and international.

PPC Management Platforms

Google Adwords is the most promising and result oriented Advertising platform as Google is always number one choice among searchers, Moreover millions of websites are serving google ads at their websites including ny times, forbes, to name a few.

How Karma Technologies's (PPC Management) will work?

PPC should always include the following

  • Analyse Your Business and Your Market First!
  • We Research the best keywords related to your business which is famous among your customers (Note: only best and very specific keywords can bring more aspiring customers to your website).
  • Website Analysis and Call per Action Setup (We analyze your website completely from customers perspective, We provide all sort of suggestions and setup call per action to ensure more conversions out of the quality traffic landing at your website thru advertisement.
  • Goal & Conversion Setup (We setup sales/leads goal and lead tracking system so that you and we can fully analyse which keywords and campaign are generating leads).
  • Continuous Budget & Bid Management: On behalf of each campaign, ad group and keyword performance we manage the bids and eliminate the not performing keywords.
  • Generating High ROI - We always aim to get you more traffic/sales and leads from the least investment possible.

PPC Management will include

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Conversion Setup
  • Ad Group Designing
  • Bid Management
  • Conversion Setup
  • Analytics Setup
  • Sales Goal Setup
  • Weekly Short Report
  • Monthly Reports

You have multiple options to Contact Us: E-Mail: / Fill up the Contact Form / Call Us: 0207 193 1131.

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